Aquatic video and photo

What can we do for you?

Apnea photography

We take your pictures in the most beautiful places on the island of Lanzarote. In its crystal clear waters we capture your best memories. Add your presence and your art to make unique photographs.

Snorkel photography

If you want photos of you, your friends or your partner snorkeling, we will capture your aquatic moments in the sea. Playa Chica is a unique place where conditions are almost always good.


We have been traveling around the island to discover magical places and we have unique photographs like these caves. Do you want to use some of them for your work?

Photo editing

We know how to edit, retouch photos to improve them and make your photos look amazing. We shoot with RAW to be able to edit every detail and give you the best quality. We can also make surreal photomontages.

Video editing

If you wish we can capture and edit videos for your social networks in horizontal format for Youtube or vertical for Instagram and we can also edit your videos or give them to you as they are for you to edit.

telamon boat photo session aquatic session

Sunken ships

In Lanzarote there are also many sunken ships that can be visited.

We accompany you to them and take pictures of you in these magical places.

aquatic wildlife photo

Wildlife photo and video

We love when we have an encounter with wildlife, such as octopuses, angelsharks, turtles and other fish. If you need any pictures of these amazing creatures please contact us.

Conditions of our service

🌊 Photo session with GoPro 11 in Playa CHICA | Playa MUJERES* or Playa de PAPAGAYO* or in another one we agree.

1 hour session at sea with photography and/or video. Sending unedited files - 50€.

💻 Enhanced edition of 7 photos + 20€.

🎬 1 minute video editing + 40€.

🎬 2 minutes video editing + 70€.

* travel further away + €20

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